What is seo in digital marketing

What is seo in digital marketing

what SEO means and we give an example of what that mightlook like for a beginning website owner. First things first! Let’s talk about what SEO, shortfor “search engine optimization”, means. Search engine optimization isimproving sites to make them appear high in the search results of a search engine,such as Google or Bing. These rankings are decided by the search engine algorithmwe mentioned in the previous lesson. In this course, we mostly focus on Google, because they’re the most popularsearch engine platform right now. But, it’s also good to considerwhat optimizing for other search engines, such as Bing, or Yahoo, could offer you. So let’s talk about some factorsthat come into play when Google’s algorithm sortsthe order of snippets they present. What is seo in digital marketing

On Page Factors

We distinguish two different typesof factors: on-page and off-page factors. On-page factors are, you guessed it,elements on your own website, like site structure, contentand speed optimizations. Off-page factors, on the other hand,aren’t present on your website. They include things such as links fromother websites and social media attention. There’s a lot of discussion about what’simportant and what isn’t important when it comesto search engine optimization. At Yoast, we believe that it’s bestto create a long-term SEO strategy that is focused on the userof your website. In order to understandwhy we believe this,

Google Engine

we have to talk about Google’s mission. Google’s mission isto “organize the world’s information and make it universal accessible and useful”. To help Google achieve their mission,we have to be user-focused. In other words, if your website is awesome,search engines want to show it to people, because it helps their usersfind what they’re looking for. Let’s take a step back. We explained how SEO is about improving sites to make them appear highin the search results of a search engine. But, how does SEO work in practice? Let’s take a look at what a beginnermight do when starting out with SEO. Let me introduce you to Linda. Linda is an ambitious potterwho wants to expand her business and start a blog siteabout the work she does. This way she hopes to establishsome internet presence, which she hopes will inspire peopleto buy her ornate vases, and build a bigger network. She puts in hours of work,designing a beautiful site. She does it all by herselfand she feels very proud. Yet, she discovers that the site doesn’t getas much traffic as she would like. What is seo in digital marketing

Ranking On Google

Linda wants to improve her site’s ranking on Google so more people will find it, but she’s not sure how. Linda talks to a few friends who work in marketing, and she gathers several optionsto climb the search platform ranks. 1 – she could write quality blogsand improve her site’s internal linking. 2 – she could try to join or build a communitythat will provide her site with useful links. Or 3 – she could improve her site speed. She decides to start off writingand publishing a blog about how traditional Dutch potteryinspires her, because her shop customers have beenasking her questions about that. She also writes a detailed how-to on building your own mini ovenfor baking pottery in your backyard. She was about to buildone for her friend anyway! Linda puts relevant linksto her own site in her blog. For her next move, Linda decidesto scour internet forums for like-minded pottery bloggersand she makes some new friends. By creating a communitythey can help each other out.

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What is seo in digital marketing

optimizeher website’s speed

Not only by providing each otherwith links that make sense, but also by inspiring awesome new content. Lastly, she texts her tech-savvy auntfor some help. In exchange for a pottery lesson, her aunt shows Linda how she can optimizeher website’s speed. The load time of her pagedecreased noticeably just by downsizingsome of the pictures she was using! Happy with the changes, Linda coaches her aunt in shapingher first bowl on the pottery wheel. At first, her rankingdoesn’t seem to change much. But, Linda continues workingon her website. She diligently and holisticallymaintains her posts and pages. Sometimes it’s hardto combine with her crafting, but she has a well-organised calendarto help her out. After some time the search engineseems to pick up on her expertise and bumps up her ranking. Sweet success! As you can see, focusing on all kindsof different aspects of your website can help improve your rankability, which iswhy we advise practicing holistic SEO. But what does that entail? We’re going to take a lookat holistic SEO

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